Terms & Conditions

The terms defined here are complimentary to the subject and have a context to their usage.

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Terms & Conditions

The terms defined here are complimentary to the subject and have a context to their usage. Follow themeanings for a detailed understanding. In case of any complaints or grievances, Contact Here: Contact Us

  • 1. Registration Data

    Every recipient of our services are advised to go through the procedures at the very beginning. Registration data refers to the directory of the specifics and the information provided by the user in the initial phase of application. This information helps the user to make their subscription, which is given in due for their necessary details like name, address, phone number, identification details etc.

  • 2. Sensitive Personal Data/Information

    This means all the private details of the User is provided to us. The information ranges from Bank details(Credit card, Debit card or bank account) to passwords, Biometric information, Sexual orientation, your medical history along with immediate medical condition. However the information widely available and accessible to the general public through any means other than the company, under the Right to Information Act, 2005 or by any other form of law, shall not be included under Sensitive Personal Data/Information for the motives of the Agreement.

  • 3. Agreement between User and Company

    i) The content is registered by a third-party who causes the creation of content, transferred and/or hosted for the User on the site.
    ii) Any condition or notices given by the company need to be accepted first by the user to receive the services offered. Just in case the User does not comply to the conditions, they might not receive any further services or aids.
    iii) Almost all the services(apart from the few notified) are free of cost and incorporate no charges from the Users. This is to be noted that the Company holds the right to deny access/deny to sites under the User’s domain regarding the Company. This is mostly to protect the integrity and safety of the Company’s domain. That being said, the Company can make amendments in the site and its features according to its whim and needs without having to notify the User.
    iv) The Company keeps a record of the number of the recorded Users on the sites relating to it. If somehow any User does not want to be listed under the Company’s list, they may convey the same to our mail at: [email protected]
    v) For every transaction, it is advisable that the User is sure to be interacting with the right prospective seller or buyer from the site. Any form of transaction located through/on the site, with other institutions, need to be dealt with utmost wariness and attention. The Company including its employees and manager would no be deemed responsible for fraudulent exchanges or bargains with shady associates and/or respective located through/on the site.

  • 4. Warranties and Disclaimer

    As per Company, a lot of information about the working and functioning of the company has been mentioned to the maximum level of correctness. However, the Company does not give the assurance of the precision and the accuracy of the content present. Also, the users must keep in mind that the Company does not make any efforts to procure the personal information of the customers. The Company does not assure the worthiness of any user except by providing a stamped mark. Hence, customers are requested to take necessary precautions to avoid getting cheated.

  • 5. Confidentiality

    Confidentiality is highly maintained where the data given by the users is not shared in any regard barring the consent of the user. The Users only have to provide the necessary information to the company and any other personal information disclosed might be at the user’s risk. The user will only get access to view and edit their own provided data.

  • 6. Suspension, Reinstatement, Refunds

    In case of violation, the Company may have to abolish or remove the data given by the user. Apart from this, the customers have a right to demand the removal of data given by them in case of the complaint not being solved for more than a month of filing the complaint. In case a where a customer is unhappy with the service provided, they have the right to demand a refund provided it is provided in writing of the person and handed to the grievance offer.

  • 7. Termination of agreement

    The User has to agree to few terms where their account, email id might be blocked and their membership might be terminated in the areas of not obliging to the terms and agreements of the Company. A user cannot return to the Company seeking are membership once they have been voluntarily removed by the Company.

  • 8. Grievance Redressal

    The Users are free to express their grievances to the Grievance Officer mentioning the detailed complaint in the writing of the person. The user may contact the Grievance Officer of Lealmart Pvt. Ltd. situated at A N Collage, Bus Stop, Boring Road, Sri Krishna puri, Patna Bihar-800001 or contact to us to +91-98530 48530 . The issues will be resolved within a month following the date of the complaint.

  • 9. Governing law and jurisdiction

    Any dispute or conflict arising out of the issues or services provided by the Company will be dealt with by the laws and rules of India. The matters of the issue among the Company and User will be irreversibly put forth at the Court of Patna.